strolling through casco viejo

yesterday i was all smiles even though the water had been shut down for 48 hours.
hence the greeeeeasy mop of hair i am sporting in these photos.
still, i had to show you.  i finally found my skirt I had been searching for.  
10 bucks at forever 21.  It is now my go to travel outfit.  / everyday outfit.
paella for lunch sounds pretty good to me.  
not too shabby of a view.  {JB & the cityscape}
the bridge of the americas.
While yesterday was all smiles, last night i was informed my ninny (grandmother) is in ICU, and those smiles turned to tears.   She doesn’t recognize a soul and is having seizures to no end or solution.  My eyes are puffy and my heart is heavy.  I do trust that God will provide for her but i still feel so helpless here, so far away.  
If you want to send prayers or love her way.  it would be so appreciated.   
On a brighter note, I  hope you all are having a great Wednesday!  
And enjoying it wherever you might be.

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