Streamsong resort

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A couple weeks ago JB sent my mom and I to the spa to celebrate NINE years since open heart surgery.  It was such an unexpected and happy surprise.  Last year for my birthday we all went out to Streamsong and I’ve been dying to get back ever since.  It’s a little under one hour from where I live, and totally worth the drive out in the middle of the country.   If you go, gas up, because there’s nothing surrounding it.  The area that Streamsong is on was once a phosphate mine, so it’s hilly, and you don’t feel like you’re in Florida.  They’ve turned the area into a golf and spa destination.  It is so modern, you feel like you are in Europe.  While I don’t really decorate with a whole lot of modern accents personally, I do love being around it.  All of those clean lines!  Streamsong has so many different textures – concrete, marble, pretty tile – I am just in awe when I’m there.  And then there’s the spa in a grotto!!  Which I’ll say is much better than any spa I’ve been to in Florida.  Treatments aren’t so expensive, and if you just want a day pass for the spa it’s only $30.  The infinity pool overlooking the lake is gorgeous, and so relaxing.  There’s a couple different restaurants on site, which are all beautiful, and a rooftop bar I hear that’s the perfect spot to watch the sun go down.  You can also get a spa bento box sent to the spa for lunch in between treatments.  I did not see a single child there, so I wouldn’t say this resort is particularly child friendly.  But the perfect spot for an overnight getaway for a couple.  We are actually planning a stay soon to celebrate a girlfriends birthday, and I can’t wait.   I will definitely report back (:


This post isn’t sponsored in any way.  Just wanted to share this gorgeous property – it’s worth the trip!



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