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Bridget from Tales of the Husband is here today to tell us her love story.  You’ll find the whole love story over on her blog – and you’ll want to read 
I guarantee it!  
Thanks my sweet for sharing – you are such an inspiration for us all.  
ohhhh and friends, prepare for some goosebumps. the good kind!

{The Gorgeous Bridget and her husband in POSITANO, ITALY!}

How did you meet?  Tell us your story.  

how we met… you sure your readers are ready for this?  here goes nothing!  so i technically met him when i was a student, a wee little freshman, and he was a dashing professor with a great jawbone and a nice desk (that sounds so dirty).  anyway, i took two classes with him throughout my freshman and sophomore years.  he was my favorite professor and not just because he was handsome (for real).  he’s funny and lively and sooo knowledgeable in his field.  he’s a favorite among many.  so, when his wife got sick and passed away all too quickly, you can imagine the shock and sadness that was felt among the student body.  it was completely horrible…a very dark time on our campus to say the least.  we prayed and prayed and hoped that our prayers would be answered.  God had another plan and while it was and still is nearly impossible to understand, his plan is far bigger and better than ours (and i don’t envy His job!).  she passed away a little over a month after her diagnosis leaving him a widower with four young children.  

don’t worry, it gets better.

a year later i heard he needed a babysitter.  i called and was hired, obviously, or where would this story be going.  i watched the kids while he went to grief counseling, caught up on school work, or just had alone time (can you imagine how much he needed it?!).  i bathed them, and fed them a real meal (frozen pizzas for a year were just not cutting it).  and while he was at the house, our conversation was effortless and lovely, and slowly but surely, we were falling for each other.  crazy, right?  as crazy as you think it is, trust me, i thought it was 1 million times crazier.  after a few months, we established that indeed we liked one another… the rest is history.

What is your most memorable moment as a couple:
 probably when certain little moments would pass with some extended eye contact or an extra glance or laugh… a phone call that was initially to do some baby sitting scheduling and would continue for an hour just chatting about life.  those times were CAH-RAY-ZEE to the both of us.

three adjectives to describe him: 
sexy, smart, and sweet.  and check out my alliteration!

give us some advice: 
patience.  lots of patience.  the first year of our relationship was HARD.  seriously hard.  there were lots of tears and frustrations and angry moments.  i feel like women don’t talk about the difficulties of marriage enough and while ours had special circumstances (4 kids right from day one), they’re ALL tough in their own way.  but it seriously gets better.  hang in there.  i LOVE this man.  he is totally my best friend and confidante in life and there were times, in the beginning, when i thought i might kick him to the curb.  also, don’t be too prideful to apologize.  i still have a tough time with that sometimes, but it’s always better to admit you’re wrong then to be stubborn.  

Tell us about the proposal:
he proposed to me at the top of a mountain in switzerland.  for real.  he did good.  we had a picnic and took a gondola to the top and he got down on one knee and asked me to join his crazy life and i said yes.  i don’t remember everything he said but i do remember thinking it was lovely and that i couldn’t not have this man by my side.  the answer was easy. 

i’m attaching a picture of us in positano because sarah and i discovered we were there a few days apart this past summer and could have been best real-life friends and not just best blog-friends!  dang!  but for real, she’s awesome, isn’t she?  and can girlfriend get any prettier? – Bridget from tales of me and the husband

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