St. Petersburg, Russia: Day 1

We met JB’s lovely parents/best in laws ever in St. Petersburg, so we did things a little differently than normal.
i.e. ate, saw, and heard things we don’t normally due to a limited budget ( ; 
We had a guide take us everywhere, who also happened to be a walking Russian encyclopedia.  
When we wanted to know about the most obscure things, she’d have an answer.
it was impressive!
So here’s our first day in photos …
Starting with the Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood!
which has got to be one of my all time favorite churches ever.
The entire inside is made of mosaics.  it’s all so stunning that it really stops you in your tracks.

Then we headed over to Saint Isaac’s, which has the third largest dome in the world.
the interior isn’t so bad either (:
a modified version of Thee pose.

i became a little obsessed with the slavic writing and the old cars.  the combination of the two- LOVE.
the deepest subway station in the world.  Also happens to be a giant UFO!
more soon!

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