Split, Croatia

We arrived early in the morning.  Just getting to the airport was a bit tricky as the trams were not running until 4:55 AM and our flight left at 6!  So is the life when you get super cheap airfare.  We biked to the train station and then took a bus that took us to the airport and caught our easyjet flight to Split.  We arrived into Split, found our b&b relatively painlessly and to our luck, our room was ready.  We stayed at Kaleta Apartments and couldn’t say enough good things about our time with them.   The apartments are situated within diocletians palace walls and the buildings themselves are over 500 years old.  After a little nap that day we then went exploring.  We spent some time in the markets. The croatian women yelling in their slavic tongues are a little scary but the whole experience is more fun than frightening.  I bought our breakfast for the next two days for 20 Kuna, or $4.  Which included fresh eggs, on the vine cherry tomatoes, garlic, an onion, and milk.  You guessed it- JB made us up some delicious omelets each morning.  Most of our time was spent wandering around Diocletians palace and eating …
 of course.  
Split is rich in history, culture, and yummy seafood.
Around every corner you find turquoise shutters, Bougainvilleas, and clotheslines.  
Which is the bulk of my photos (:  
We had a hard time leaving but knew the next adventure awaited us.  
{they sell their homemade olive oil in used bottles}

{seafood risotto – YUM}
{hiked up to the top of the tower- gorgeous views of Split}

{one of the doors to diocletians palace.  quite an entrance, huh?}
{JB and his cream.  Me and my corn- which is a dalmatian specialty.  
They sell it on the streets – roasted or boiled}
{the fish market was one of JB’s favorites!}

Splits “Riva”

{h&m dress, bracelet given by BBFF Megan }
{one of these days during dinner i said something and to add emphasis i made this pose.  JB found it hysterical.  He’s now adopting it as his signature pose as he said his is getting tired. … i have a whole post coming on his possible new poses.  my husband is a ham and i love it}
{oh and PS, we’re in Diocletians basement here}

{Trogir, Croatia … next stop (: }
Your emails lately have been the sweetest ever. 
 Thanks a gajillion for reading!!  

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