Solo Travel – day one

 Day one has been kind to me.  I Wandered down the streets of Switzerland’s Capital – Bern, enjoyed a long lunch, bought a book – One Day  (none of the ones recommended to me were at the tiny book store), went to see where einstein created his theory of relativity, hit up some shops, and checked out their downtown market.  All in all – a nice day of solo traveling.

bern has a beautiful landscape.  
and some pretty buildings
long streets

a lovely old clock
on my want list
aren’t these vintage books so adorable?
i bought a few.  they were only a franc!
did some strolling
walked up the same steps as Einstein
turns out, they had very good taste.
also turns out that Einstein was such a devoted husband.
melts my heart.
so buzzzzy pollenating
hope you all have a great weekend!  
I’m headed to the Alps.  

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