Solingen day 5: you should see the other guy. & feeding my haribo addiction

sorry, no real fighting actually happened.  JB just broke up a double play like a champ yesterday. 
He’s all fine and dandy like nothing happened.  I’d milk it.  😉
All JB wants to know is:
how do you feel about his beard?

Yours truly has a problem … more of a newfound addiction.  to sugar.
I never had too much of a sweet tooth.  Most of my life it just wasn’t around.  i even drink unsweetened iced tea most of the time (and i’ve done time in the real south).  This was all true until JB introduced me to Magnum ice cream bars and heather introduced me to HARIBO.  Well Solingen is the place where my beloved little sugared bears come to life so naturally a trip to the factory could not be passed up.    As exhibited by the above scary picture I am in a state of pure bliss/ sugar rush given to me by the ridiculous amount of free sugared samples.  
In all fairness to myself, and because I am normally an obsessively healthy person … the big bag is gifts, the small bag is mine.  Just do not leave me alone with either or i may show up to Cami’s bach party in miami with said spare tire.

I’m going to have to go on detox … any help on how to detox from sugar is appreciated.  🙂

On the baseball note:
JB’s team beat the Portuguese today!
The finals are tomorrow against GERMANY.

Hope you all have the happiest weekend!! 

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