So you pretty much get the gist of our Croatian Vacation.
We kayaked, we swam, we sailed, we island hopped, beached it …
imbibed on some delicious croatian wine & beer 
and ate sooo much seafood.
that is precisely where my problem stemmed from.
i’m allergic if I have too much.
the only other time this has happened was on our honeymoon, when I kid you not… I ate 5 lobsters a day.  just because I could (all-inclusive) … lobster at 2 in the morning?  sure. why not? 
JB thought he married a monster.
a lobster monster.
Then I got the hives … I basically looked like a leper.
It’s real cutesels.
Way to unleash the cute side a week after your marriage, Sarah!
Oh surprise JB!  this is what I really look like.
So per usual, I can’t say no to seafood. 
and here I am again…. all, loooook how cute your wife is!!  
itch, itch, itch.
to sum it up, i have no self control where shellfish is concerned and my skin pays a hefty price. 
We did have a great time even if the last couple days I started looking like a dog with the mange.
a happy mangey dog at least.  

Enough about my ailments.  
Dubrovnik City Walls!

If you go, walk the city walls.  It’s long… but worth it, the view is spectacular.  


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