so hot it berns

Today we rushed into Bern to go to the Russian Embassy for our Russian Visas.
oh by the way, we’re going to St. Petersburg in August with my in-laws.
With our 40 pages of required documents in hand, we made our way to the consulate.
but they closed… at 11.  
they work 3 hours a day! 3 days a week. that’s a job i can handle.
We made the most of it before JB had to go to work though… 
it was hard not to, the day was absolutely beautiful and bern is enchanting.
and of course, i made my way to the flower shop.  
we bought rose and grape jelly even.  
and now I am home and just finished watching pride and prejudice.
ohhh for the millionth time.
best movie ever. 
(still wiping tears away)


-the necklace is from h & m  …the shirt is an old navy but its worn backwards.  
Come on over here to Kit’s blog for a chance at a photo (:

{congrats to kELLO, you won a canyouhearme print made by Sam

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