snippets from thanksgiving 2011

thanksgiving this year was one of my favorites.
here’s why:
we started off the week celebrating my parents 37th wedding anniversary.
i met up for shopping with my mom and sister, where all three of us had {unbeknownst to the others} worn navy stripes. we looked like ridiculous triplets.
being silly with my sister wearing our matching hats… which was actually on purpose.  
my sisters hummingbird cake
peonies at whole foods
lunch with my best friends that lasted three hours.  i think we watched the tables turn over at least 3 times.
sneaking the video camera of my dad dancing to “i’m sexy and i know it”
limoncello.  enough said.
having 11 guests at our house.  thankful for all of jb’s montana clan that came to visit.
a fish fry
my ninny’s corn

sorry for the poor quality of my blackberry photos.  i just felt like soaking it all up sans camera this year.  
feeling so grateful!…
and now, it is beach time.

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