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skincare routineA few people have asked about an updated beauty routine post, so here’s the first part of the series:  Skincare!  I have a very expressive face, my friends call it “resting nice face” (: , and I’ve got a bad (or is that good!) case of it.  So I have a lot of expression lines already – hey, the wrinkles go where the smiles have been, right?

In my twenties, I just wanted to look good.   Even if that meant too much sun.  In my thirties, I just want to feel good in my skin, even though  fine lines are definitely popping up.  I still get blemishes right around the time of the month … dang hormones, but being diligent with my skincare routine helps keep them at bay.

In the past people have asked for this post, and  I’ve been shy because some things I use aren’t as safe as I wish they were.  I try to use natural products, but I also need things to work.

I love my clarisonic.  I purchased one a couple of months before my wedding, and it was a life saver.  My skin was really struggling in grad school, but once I started using this it made a huge difference.  Thankfully before my wedding day!  I’ve used it with the cleansers my mom used to make, but for the last year I’ve been using and loving Beauty Counter’s nourishing cream cleanser with my clarisonic.  My clarisonic is over 8 years old, so definitely the hardest working beauty item I’ve ever owned!

If I was stranded and could only have one beauty product?  It would be Vasanti Brighten Up.  I use it 2-3 times a week, and it’s the most incredible exfoliator.  I’ve been using it since discovering it around 5 years ago.

For wrinkles around my eyes I use Supergoop’s anti aging eye cream every morning.  I dab a bit of coconut oil under my eyes at night, and I also use it to wipe off remaining mascara.

In the morning I use Supergoop’s anti aging serum, and that’s the only moisture I really need.  I have fairly oily skin, though as I age I notice that it’s getting more and more dry.

I have always been a sucker for facials.  Whenever I am on vacation, that’s generally what I do as a treat.   But at the start of the new year, I said I wanted to be more regular about facials.  Not just on vacation (and when they are 3 times as expensive!) … Thankfully I’ve found Elizabeth (Pure Skincare by Elizabeth), and I’ve been religious about visiting her once a month.  I can’t say enough how nice it is for someone to actually know my skin, not a random esthetician while on vacation.  My mom recently gave me a gift certificate to try out her dermaplaning (which takes all of the hair off of your face to exfoliate it), and I’m in love with the results.  I’m not one to get my nails done or have a massage, but a facial is my kind of indulgence.  And it’s about the same price as what getting my nails would be.

Do you have some holy grail skincare item you love and swear by?  I’d love to hear!!  Bonus points if it’s free of harmful ingredients!!

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