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Taking a break from Italy post to bring you all a treat.  
A guest post by the one and only Sheridan French of The Southern Eclectic

You all are the luckiest.
I’ve been reading Sheridan’s blog for as long as I’ve been blogging.
She’s a stunner.  has THEE best taste. is a fashion designer!  great (and honest!) writer.  amazing mom and wife.

My bff ashie and I would talk about her … 
in the best way possible.
snippets from those convo’s:
um, she’s perfect.
her shoes, her shoes!
i want to steal her closet.

Fairy Tales are True…After Kids?
Yes… if you learn how to laugh.
When I told sweet Sarah that I would do a guest post for her blog, I knew I instantly wanted to write about blissfully happy head-over-heels in love smitten snuggly marriages….so I was going to have to think back reeeeeally hard on what marriage was like before kids 😉
Here is my story.
I was completely adamant about NOT meeting the man that is now my husband. I had been living in Europe for five years, broke my back in 14 places the morning I moved back to Texas and proceeded to spend the next five months in a body brace on my parent’s sofa.  On top of that, I had just gotten out of a very serious relationship and was in no state of mind to meet anyone new.
My best friend insisted I meet him though. His mother and her mother were dear friends, and as she put it, Biz would be a great new friend to have now that I was back in Fort Worth after half of a decade overseas. My answer was no and no and no, but after some email communication between us and his endless persistence of asking me out to dinner, I gave in with these requirements: This was not a date. He would not pick me up. I was going to wear leggings, a t-shirt and no makeup. And we were going to eat pizza in front of the TV.
I showed up on his doorstep in my leggings and plain white tee and suddenly got very nervous as I waited for him to answer. Biz opened the door and my heart sank. I literally thought, “CRAP!!! HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!! WHERE IS MY MASCARA?!?!”
After making a dash for his powder bath and slapping on any makeup I could find buried in the bottom of my bag, we sat on the sofa, ate the pizza and spent the next three hours talking and talking and talking.
I would have married him the next day.
We had a whirlwind courtship not spending more than a day apart since that first evening, he got down on one knee three months later, and our wedding was four months after that. I was pregnant within another three months – not yet having known each other a full year.
Our son was born the following June, barely one week after our first wedding anniversary. And then the fun began. Sleepless nights, nursing every three hours {or less} around the clock, circles under your eyes as deep as the Grand Canyon and as dark as a midnight sky, hair so greasy from choosing to sleep over shower you could fill up the entire oil tank in your car, and a husband who, as much as he tries, simply cannot understand what you, or your body, is going through.
By month three of broken sleep night after night, you realize there is a reason sleep deprivation is used as torture. You cannot think straight, you fall asleep at red lights and just going to the grocery store makes you want to cry. Date night? Puhlease Honey. Romance quickly goes out the window when you are comatose by 7:00pm. Even more ridiculous is that he cannot grasp the fact that I have absolutely no interest in changing out of my pajamas anyway. Psh. Men.
In a nutshell, life with a new baby is hard. Very hard.
So how do you get it back? You know, IT. The reason you got married in the first place. The butterflies in your stomach, googaly-eyes, you take my breath away and I cannot live without you feeling? You have faith. You remember the love you have for one another, even if it is often buried in piles of dirty dishes and bottles. You laugh when your husband walks in the door from work and tells you that you have baby poop smeared across your forehead.
True story.
But then, what happens when you have to jump on an opportunity when it presents itself, and you decide to start a business from home when your baby is 9 months old? And the business happens to be a clothing line, so your deadline for creating sketches, developing samples, sourcing fabrics, finding a factory, compiling a list of 500 retailers to contact, creating a lookbook and website layout, arranging a photo shoot for said lookbook and website and having everything finalized to send to stores for their review and {hopefully} orders is September? A mere five months down the line??
And then what happens when you find out you are pregnant again the week after you decide to start this business?
True story.
Things were finally good again. We had adjusted to life with a baby. My son, Big Squish, had been doing 12-hour stretches at night for about four months now, date nights had returned, and Biz and I were really back in the groove of our happy place. You know, the “I look at you and see hearts” place rather than the “I want to shoot laser beams out of my eyes at you because you are getting sleep and not having to nurse a child around the clock and I am” place.
I was excited when I found out I was pregnant with #2, but also scared. Really, really scared. How on earth was I going to work from home and run my business with an 18 month old and a newborn?
Jump to January 2011 and my daughter is born, the week that I have to ship out all of my clothing orders to my retailers.
Um ok, God, this is like not even funny. Not even remotely funny.
I will save you the drama of the tears, the days on end without sleep, having to play with my son and keep him entertained while I was nursing my little girl in one arm and calling UPS on the phone in the other. The non-existent date nights. The silly fights over dishes, who did or didn’t do what, and how fat I do or don’t look in this dress.
And then there was the moment when I realized I could do it, and that everything would be ok. My husband walked in the door from work and this was the scene:
It had been raining all day and my dogs – a 100+ pound white lab and pit bull – had been outside. The minute they came in they shook every drop of mud off of their bodies onto the freshly folded laundry and just-mopped floors. Big Squish was smearing almond butter all over Munchkin’s face as she played on her activity mat, a chocolate milkshake oozing out of both sides of her diaper. The chicken I was cooking for dinner in the oven had been in for 40 minutes too long since I forgot to set the timer. And as I attempted to keep it together without breaking down into a ball of tears, I tried to create a little peace in the midst of the chaos by making myself a smoothie…but I forgot to put the blender top on before I pressed blend, causing our kitchen ceiling to be splatter painted pink.
I looked at Biz, my eyes quickly filling up with tears. He walked over to me, put a hand on each side of my face, kissed me the sweetest kiss he ever gave me in our days and weeks and months and years of knowing each other, and told me to smile. We looked around at our baby girl covered in almond butter, the dogs licking Big Squish to death on the floor and smoothie dripping down onto our heads from the ceiling, and just started to laugh.

So, here is what I have learned:
{1} There is no such thing as balance.
{2} It will all seem funny tomorrow.
{3} You will never have your own fairy tale if you don’t learn to laugh.
Everyone’s fairy tale is there. Just different.
Make it your own.
Proberbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.
xoxo Sheridan

Thanks Sheridan!!  
now all of y’all,
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