scenes from a sweet weekend

JB came home!!! That is the number one thing that made my weekend so sweet.  I basically attacked him with kisses at the airport.  There are so many obvious reasons as to why I am happy to have my husband home but a rather odd one I’m really excited about  –  not thinking I am going to be murdered come nightfall.      Nighttime is ten jillion times creepier when you’re all alone.  I lived alone until we married so I’m not sure why I have turned into such a scaredy cat.  I had a solicitor a few days ago come to the front door.  You see, you cannot look out a glass front door to see who it is.  They see you too.  The ladies voice/shadow of a person said “I am not going to kill you.  open up.”  Call me slow, but I did as I was told.  She then proceeded to rap to me about why I should buy citrus cleaner.  Then she asked if I was the queen of dis castle.  My eyes got big as I thought how amazing/hilarious every word dripping from her lips were.  I wanted to keep her in my pocket or video tape her so I could never forget.  either. or.  Then she cleaned random things for as long as I could drag it out because I was SO amused / she’s cleaning my house-i am not that dumb.  I asked her how much her citrus cleaner was – she said $5,000. ???  I told her I didn’t have my wallet – left it in my other car at my parents house.  it was true.  I also word vomited that my husband is out of town … i am seriously naive at times.  or just sloooowwww as mollasses.  My mom laughed/scolded me.  Telling me she was “casing the place” …  oh suuure mom, sure.  seemed silly, until the night crept in and then it made so much sense. ha.  As if I wasn’t already afraid of sleeping alone – now I really was.  After that incident,  I found myself right back in my childhood bedroom for a few nights.  So, obviously I’m happy he’s home.  I no longer have to (irrationally) fear for my life and I get my snuggle bunny back.  win-win
Here are other reasons my weekend was suhhhh-weeeet.
 * a bike ride with mom *
 * plants purchased for our wedding- flourishing a year later *
*a boat ride*
a picnic on the water
 * moms flowers *
 * Lucille all curled up *
*Loving JB THISSSS Much *
{shirt- jcrew, shorts-F21, hat- streets of Panama, sunglasses – F21}
* kissssses! *
What made your weekend sweet?  I want to hear/see (:
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