Sarah Tucker’s Christmas Gift Guide // for the non metro sexual in your life

I’d love to do a pretty metro sexual board of gifts for men.  But I don’t have one of those in my life.  My husband, brother, dad … they all like some strange things.  In my opinion anyway because if I were a boy, I’d be a metro sexual for sure.  I’d want some j.crew sweaters, pretty scotch glasses, and some leathery iphone cover.  But my men like knives, power tools (oooo an electric drill? for me?! you shouldn’t have), diving watches, meat rubs, and hideous polarized sunglasses.  These are the stuff the dudes of my life dream up. 
I’ll tell you what’s been a hit around these parts the last few years though  … a smoker.  and a grill.  and any kind of tool or spice you can think of to dress those two up.  And it’s been quite a gift to my tummy, and my tired self when I’m beat.  Anyway, those are some good solid gifts if you’ve got a guy like mine around.  Last year I introduced JB to pinterest.  And to my surprise he actually used it!  And then this year he picked it up again.  If you’d like to check out his christmas wishlist, it’s here.  Every year I buy him stuff from his alma mater.  Shoot, it could be ladies socks (on accident) and he’d still think I hung the moon, and then proceed to wear them (this has happened).   This year he has some baby stuff on there, which pretty much plucks at every string on my already weapy hormone laden heart.  And I’m quite obsessed that “jumper cables” was repinned from his last years board.  hint, hint.  I may break down and get them … but seriously buying jumper cables feels funny for Christmas.  So that’s a little rundown of some tried and true presents for some serious dudes.  And here’s some ideas for this year …  mostly untried.

ipad // who doesn’t love an ipad?
healthy after shave //  this is mostly for me, as I want him around a long time and I don’t love the smell of traditional after shave … or the taste from kisses. 
seersucker tie // instant southern gentlemen please
steak knives //  these are pretty.  no idea if they’re fabulous like wustof, but they sure are pretty.
pizza stone set // this one can go in a grill!
bottle openers // a manly opener
Dollar shave club //JB has this and thinks it is the coolest thing.  it’s basically birch box for men, but a little less exciting since you know what’s in there every month.  a razor.  still, he loves it.
Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous BBQ sauce // JB’s favorite.  he gets it every year.  if he’s good (gotta leave some suspense here in case he reads this post). 
jumper cables // this is a real thing that apparently people need.  just maybe not on their christmas list.  will i fight it another year? … remains to be seen.  until 2013 pinterest christmas wishlist hint hint board arrives …

I’ve spoken on JB’s good nature a time or two but it rings true once again for Christmas.  I’m pretty sure if I filled his stockings with limes he wouldn’t bat an eye lash. much less pout.  he’d be pretty excited to make some limeade.  or use them in something on the grill.  bless him.

what are y’all getting your men this christmas?

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