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Styling + Design : Sarah Tucker Events // Photography : Naomi Chokr // Mini Desserts :  The Short Giraffe // Wardrobe by CamilynBeth // models: cami &ashten // Calligraphy Place Cards :Letter Be Calligraphy // Hummus Bowls : Mini Latte Bowls // Chevron Lucite Tray : Tilly Maison //  // Botanical Paper Coasters : Rifle Paper Co // 
first of all,  a huge thank you to all who helped with the shoot.
you all are AMAZING.
and of course to Danielle & Alaina for inviting me on this project! 
i am eternally grateful over here!
When daydreaming about the shoot for Everygirl my mind kept wandering to a seaside dinner.  My favorite nights don’t necessarily involve gourmet food – although you won’t see me turning down fancy food anytime soon.  But the really good nights just involve my best gals, and a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Outdoor dining never hurts either.  Nothing too pretentious, but still thoughtful and personal.  That was what I was going for, and to be honest – that’s always what I’m going for when I’m entertaining.   
Plus everything you see is very do-able!  
For every single detail, head over to the
right this instant.
even a downloadable no fuss dinner handbook is available 

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