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hi y’all.
when i first thought about blogging in 2009, actually when i discovered blogs existed really … 
i wanted to start a wedding blog. 
but then, you know – getting married and moving to Switzerland seemed like it would make for decent content at the time.  so the wedding blog was on hold.
and now, that STE is opening up (seriously, the official launch is right around the corner) …
I knew I wanted to have something separate from fairy tales are true.  
i like to compartmentalize my life when it’s beneficial for all.
because this blog is about my life.  even though it has changed from travel all over to staying put most recently.
Sarah Tucker Events : the blog – will be weddings.  etiquette, inspiration, my work.
and FTAT is going to be getting back to LIFE.  and less work.
i think it’s going to help FTAT stay more consistent than it has in recent months, and also with the addition of the new blog – give those engaged or wedding obsessed a soft place to land.
So, head over there if that describes you (:
{and if not, just stay right here FTAT isn’t going anywhere}
and thank you for all of your love, support, encouragement during this start-up phase.

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