Santa’s Nice List :: Well Done 2011

I am a bit of a water nut.  As proven by this old post.  And the fact that I get to turn on the faucet and  out comes clean water makes me want to thank my lucky stars.  I realize how blessed i am, but not as often as I should.  I do not have third world problems.  Not even close.  I need to be mindful of that. 
Especially when so much of the world goes without something as basic to us as clean water.  
So this morning, I’d like you to put yourself in someone shoes that aren’t your own.  and in reality, you may not even have shoes in this scenario.  Much less sparkly ones worthy of pinterest.  So Think about it for a few seconds … you don’t have a faucet.  You have to walk miles everyday with buckets on your back trying to collect water for you or your family.  You make your daily trek to find decent water, and even once it is found it is filled with lots of bacteria . . . 
 This is bad for anyone; but women and children are affected the most.  This lack of clean water trickles down to effect everything – from their health to education.  It’s a nasty cycle.
That’s why I’d like to take today to tell you about Well Done 2011.  Last year Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy called bloggers to donate just a small chunk of their change to Charity : Water.  And it made a huge impact.  Tons of bloggers banded together to donate $5 here and there to get a rig that will give people clean water.  
and it will change so many peoples LIVES!
This year her and Keely are challenging all of us bloggers to use this online platform for something bigger than lattes, leopard loafers, or sparkly new years eve dresses.  
We’re going to buy a Drilling Rig for northern Ethiopia!
But we need everyone to pitch in a bit. 
 Think instead of grabbing a starbucks, you donate $5.  Or instead of eating out, you pack a lunch today.  Or instead of buying a gift that will inherently end up lost in a drawer somewhere you donate a few dollars to Well Done in their name.  If you can’t do that – consider blogging about it so someone who is able, can.  
put up a button on your sidebar to let others now this holiday season.  
as an added bonus, giving really is better than receiving.  i swear it gives you a glow.  
particularly when you are changing someone’s life.
at the least, be mindful.  live with intention. and live gratefully.  
{100% of the funds donated will be used solely for the rig, and you’ll be able to track the rigs progress.}

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