{wearing my swagg}
long walks are my fave.  i prefer the beach.  but banyan tree lined streets will do too.
i’m convinced people get divorced these days because they stop taking walks together.
ok ok, maybe not just because of the walks – but i think it helps anyones relationship.
and isn’t Roscoe cute?
a teddy bear.
i confess i forget he isn’t a lap dog.
he’s actually a pretty good snuggler.
some of the time.
the majority of time is spent running away from me, and running in circles in the backyard, 
and catching imaginary tennis balls.

Roscoe goes back home tonight…

and  honestly i can’t wait till we get to dogsit him again.
or you could just get me a dog jb.  hint. hint. ( ;
Happy Friday everyone!
PS:  i’m over here talking about my transatlantic cruise last year, while corey is on one!  

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