Retroactive Blog // 6-11 weeks


I thought i’d do a little retroactive blogging.

Some things I wrote down at different stages… 

you are six weeks today!  sounds silly to say.  Just a month and a half.  If you haven’t heard me hundreds of times already, i love you.
i pray for you in the shower, at my desk, in the car, on the way to the mailbox.  we pray for you before bed with our hands on you.  i pray you keep growing safely.  stay put, ok?
i pray you have a gentle, compassionate, sweet, kind, strong, non-judgemental spirit.  for big and little things.  

you are six weeks and 3 days.  
we slept in until 7:30 today!  you like your sleep.  you’re my kinda girl/guy already.
i can never express how grateful i am to have you swimming inside here.  
God does many miraculous things but i think this is top of the list.  

you are 7 weeks and 5 days today.
we went to palm beach this weekend.  i ate so many delicious meals, laughed very hard with friends.  speaking of friends… i pray you have good ones.  that’s one of my biggest prayers.  ones who you encourage, love unconditionally, ones who will laugh, cry, pray and be honest with you.  
i pray you choose wisely, and that you always pick ones that hold you to higher standards.  
and if you ‘re very lucky, like your dad and i, you’ll get to marry your very best friend.

you are 7 weeks and 6 days today.
you are changing my worldview. in the best way.  and i am so grateful to you already.

You’re 8 weeks.
I heard your heartbeat today.  your mother turned into a blubbering idiot.  

You’re 9 weeks.
You’ve been tough on me this week.  I have barfed pretty much everywhere.  I will say it all the time though – it is worth it.  which is something i never thought i’d be able to say.  i would do anything for you, already.

You are 10 weeks.
Let’s talk about your father.  He’s hung in there!  He has been so good to me.  I have felt like crying with no reason or rhyme to it.  He is such an amazing husband, and I know he’ll make an incredible father.  little baby, you got the best.  if you’re a girl, i hope you find someone like your dad and never let go. 

You’re 11 weeks and 4 days today.  
hi baby.  you are already the best thing that ever happened to me.  

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