{wearing this beautiful dress c/o BCBG || Max & Cleo}
{photography by Jessica Lorren Organic}
 love the start of a new year.  somehow you see things a bit clearer.  looking back on the past year I do feel blessed, but I also know there are some things I can be working on.  I’m thankful for the soul searching that always seems to come with a new year.  
Some of those things that could use work: 
choosing JB over my phone
consistently exercising
work hard during the week, stop. rest. repeat each new morning.
don’t sweat small things
forgive easier
do my hair more often.  sounds so ridiculous, but when my hair is wrong – I feel all sorts of wrong.
and a couple that go along with nice typography (:

I’d really like to work on being kind to myself.  
sounds so silly.  
yes.  once again mary oliver.  you hit the nail on its head.
i’d like to worry less.  trust God more.  pray instead of worrying.
Wishing you all tons of blessings and love in 2012!
any resolutions you’d like to share?

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