Resolutions in Decor

{This is a sponsored post by Wayfair, but all opinions are my own!}new flushmount chandelier

Something that has been on my resolution list every year since moving in our house (three years now!) has been to change out the awful looking track lighting in our kitchen.  I know you can get track lighting that looks good, but this one was no where close to being cute.  So when JB and I sat down to go through our resolutions together, we kinda laughed because I have talked about changing it out for way too long.  I think when you first move into a place, you’re like THIS is what we will tackle first.  But it is easy to let things get familiar, and sort of forget what an eye sore they are!  Finally the track lighting is at Salvation Army!  Anyway, I love the fixture we chose.  It’s an 8 sided star, which I looked up the meaning to… it’s all about Baptism and rebirth, and I loved that symbolism for this New Year.  The fixture is by Willa Arlo c/o Wayfair.  What’s on your home improvement list that’s been on it for a while now?  My next thing is to redo our floors for our side entrance, and after that it’s fixing up our powder room.  Hopefully we will get to both of them in 2018!


Thank you Wayfair for partnering on this post!

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