random nonsense

warning: random post ahead of you.

tulips remind me of merian park 
then i get really nervous, like i’m missing something.
will they still be in bloom when i arrive?
 i hope so!  hold ooooon tulips, i’m coming.
this little u-pick is right down the corner from my street.
i live in the country
or so it seems.
i always made fun of this side of the river, and now the joke is on me, i call it home.
i am all for cheese.
this gift for my fave bride to be might be a little cheesey but i think it is always fun to say your future name.
in grad school i probably doodled it 1000 times… future mrs. tucker.
grad school!  i am ashamed.
shirt via weddingchicks
this really happened.
the billboards by my house are as follows:
“want your bad boy home?  1800bailout.”
“strong relationships survive” – with a picture of a lion and a couple on a couch?
“cremioso y delicioso”
“bigger is better”

i didn’t take this, but my father in law did. 
i want to frame it in my house.

i’ve been lusting over getting these for Heath  for two years now.
so pleased with them.
they exceeded my expectations.
find them here

i was able to assist/carry a shootsac for  my fave photographer /house guest, jessica lorren.
look at those roots.
am i the only person who gets attached to their roots?
it’s pretty weird how i actually start to like them a little. 
this week we’ve been cooking up okra.
its so fresh, doesn’t need much.
just olive oil, salt and pepper. sauteed.  
annnnnnd i think this is my biggest crowd pleaser yet.
who knew kids liked okra?
i also made kale for another class – they kept asking for “fourths”.
music to my ears.

this was taken in Live Oak, FL.  at a Walmart.

last easter i was in Lugano for Easter.  With JB.
i’m missing JB so much lately.
even more than before, though i didn’t think it was possible.
he’s skiing this weekend in the swiss alps.
i don’t like skiing but i do like drinking hot cocoa while taking in the view.

anyway, this weekend is as good of a time as any to say:
Jesus Loves You.
… this i know.


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