Rainforest of Panama {and a couple PSA’s}

First and foremost, bring a hair clip/tie/anything to pull your hair back when you go on a rainforest boat tour.  Otherwise, the above could be you and you may just spend the next day untangling your hair.  prevention is key.  
For my last public service announcement of the day, when you’re mac says “scratch disk full” don’t upload photos. I did.  It isn’t pretty.  I have 10 out of my 200 rainforest photos.  The rest are floating in outer space.   I was pretty upset about it but i am shaking it off.  My apologies that you, dear internet friend, don’t get to see my beloved with a monkey right next to him or the colors of the rainforest or the mystic fog that lingers on top of the trees in gamboa.  forgive me, please. (: 
Anyway, hope you all had a marvelous tuesday and enjoyed your trip to Seattle below and the rainforest of panama above.  

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