questions answered -part one

a big thank you to all of the people who asked questions.  you’re getting your answers.  
a vlog will soon follow with the questions that need a bit more explaining.  
courtesy of dirk olsen
ultimate perfect day:  wake up at a beach house on anna maria island, breakfast in bed, cuddle with jb, walk on beach,
 ride bike to bistro for lunch with my bff’s, back to beach, nap, prepare big dinner for family, watch the sunset on the west coast of florida over some wine, more cuddles with jb, fall asleep to waves crashing.

fave meal (first course to last): 
firstly, there will be wine pairings with each course. 
mixed cheeses, foie gras, around the couch or back porch 
mixed greens with pine nuts, goat cheese, and vinaigrette.
pumpkin creme soup.
risotto and roasted garlic asparagus for sides
smoked duck on a bed of lentils for the main
creme brulee topped with strawberries, blueberries, shaved dark chocolate and homemade whipped cream

what do you miss most about home (excluding friends and fam as that is a given):
i miss the smell.
i’m from a little town where your tropicana orange juice is bottled.
in the morning, you can smell the orange peels.
after that, it’s just salt air.
i love the smell of home.  

have you ever considered modeling: 
thanks bridget.  you and my father in law have the same idea.
i have, and would.  but i am a little shy about things of that nature.

who is your biggest inspiration in life:
my mom.
hands down.
the sweetest, kindest, and most giving person i’ve ever known.

what are your favorite baby names:
Our first girl will be named Sophia/Sofia.  
I want to name her sophia with a ph
jb wants the f. 

our boy will be the fourth.  but we won’t call him JB which stands for John Bullock.
Perhaps just “Tuck” as his grandfather was called.  but have the traditional name on everything else. it gets confusing with these fourths.  

another name I love for a girl is Seleta, but JB isn’t too fond of it … just yet (:  

Do I bleach my hair?
I get highlights, and i think they used to be bleach.
but now I go to a salon that uses aveda products that are a lot easier on my hair.

What is your hair routine? 
I use Pureology,  fekkai, herbal essence – i rotate them.
i don’t blow dry (once in a very blue moon… and actually i don’t own a blow dryer over here)
I sometimes comb it.  sometimes I don’t.  
Every once in a while for special events, I will curl it with a big barrel.

Do you use a straightener?  
I own one but maybe use it once a year.

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?
 It all works out better than you can imagine, so stop worrying darn it.

favorite TV show:
ncis and gossip girl. a tie.

What do you do when he’s gone for baseball?
JB is only gone 3 hours a day during the week.  from 6-9.
So I might do a number of things – blog, market, park, read … 
but i always have dinner ready by the time he’s home- we have to eat late.
but we do get a pretty sweet day together.
on weekends he has games from 8-2ish if its home.  and 8-5ish if its away.
I either go to the games or do what i do when he’s gone during the week.
switzerland is a very small country. the furthest they travel is a little over an hour away.

Are you a Christian?
Yes (:

favorite junk food?
haribo. or toblerone

how many siblings?
3!  2 sisters and a brother.  I’m the youngest middle.  

Is Australia in your future travel plans? 
of course it is!  especially when you and george get married (:

When did you move to Switzerland?
Last year I moved here in March.
We moved back in November.
Moved to Panama in December.
Moved back home to Florida late January – where i finished up my masters.
Then I went back to Switzerland in May while JB went back in March.

Favorite Book:
i have a few
 The Help by Kathryn Stockett
The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
Return to Modesty by Wendy Shalit

you can check out more of what i read and enjoyed on goodreads
how long have you been blogging?
Since February 14th, 2010.

Do you have any blogging tips?
don’t make your readers put in a code to write you a comment.
make friends. 
play nice. give credit where credit is due.
take your own pictures.
be sincere. 

Allright, and in the VLOG that’s coming up I’ll be answering: 
y’alls number one favorite question!

which was asked in many creative ways …
1. do you plan on making babies?
2. when are you going to have mini sarah and jb’s?
3.  when are you having kiddos missy?
4.  babies. when are you having them?
5.  Will you still travel the world when you have a little JB?  assuming you have a little JB first.
6. When will you make beautiful blonde babes?

( ;
Also these questions too:
– will you settle in the US for child rearing?
-How do you pack for Vacations?
-What has been your best experience so far in life?

If you’d like to ask anymore questions – feel free to drop me a line on my Formspring!

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