prague dreaming

So JB left. 
I’m pretty much the gloomiest looking girl on my block.
I can’t decide if I love or hate the hidden notes everywhere.
each time I find one, I start to cry.
no, but i can decide. i do love them. particularly the one near the cheese in the fridge.
you knew I’d go there first.

I’m gearing up for the next time I see zu mann (german for the husband- i think…?) 
 . . . we will be jetting off to Scotland just a few days after my arrival in Suisse.  a whole 6 weeks away.
To visit our friends and return to my homeland.  
My maiden name was morrison y’all.
we even have our own plaid.
i’m scottish.  the kilt wearing kind.
sooooo in preparing for our next adventure and honestly mainly to cheer myself up … 
I thought Prague deserved a re-post.  I didn’t do it justice the first post around.  
 due to exhaustion.  Yep, exhaustion from a two week summer vacation.  
Yeah … don’t feel bad for me. 
 But my head was spinning by the end of the trip.  I definitely arrived at the point where I could not read another sign or go into another museum.  I’m apparently not that cultured.  So anyway, pardon my first post.  Here’s a few better photos from our lovely time in prague. oh and a video (: 
{we’re not ballers. that’s like 10 $ usd.  annnnnd love midday espressos in europe.  would never do it in america}
{garlic bread. an app on every menu in prague. yes, please.}
{a piano in the middle of a park in prague.  why?  i don’t even care. just please, please continue}
{basically my constant companion, next to JB when i was there}
{note to self: take sunglasses off this summer}
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into prague.

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