post partum style

oh the post partum body.  i was so curious about how my body would change.  curious/freaked out.  I didn’t think much of it until a week or so before he was born though.  then it was all, let me mourn the loss of my youth.  ha.  a little too late for a freak out.  And then he arrived! …  And I didn’t look down for a few days.   I just wasn’t ready to see what was ahead of me.  And now, six weeks post partum …  I think I actually like my post partum self.  I am surprisingly OK with wider hips and a few more imperfections thrown into the mix.   They resulted in Tuck.  And breastfeeding… it’s oddly empowering.  I’m all “i make my babies food!” 

But don’t get me wrong … I’m still interested in having abs again (;

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