picnics, boat rides, and museum visits on the rhine riviera

Yesterday after a picnic lunch on the Rhine we hopped aboard one of those boats I’m forever photographing, then we went to the Tingluey Museum.  I liked yesterday, a lot- a lot.
{h&m dress, forever21 knit shirt}
{michael kors watch, anthro bangles, h&m beaded bracelets, and grandmothers bangle}
i wantcha
fox or dog?  pacing the rhine riviera. 
at the museum
I’ve been reading so much.  Just finished the newest francine rivers saga.
I cry about thirty times a day while reading.
happy tears mostly but also my heart strings just get pulled tight.
random sobs, squeels, tears streaming  … it’s a little upsetting to jb. haha
in his defense, when we were registering me a few days ago, i started bursting with tears in the waiting room.
Swiss people are confused by my heart that is located perpetually on my sleeve.  
This is about the time JB tries to take the kindle away.  
which is obviously not OK.  
don’t get in between me in my books husband.
it can’t end pretty.  
PS: shameless self promotion ahead.
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