Pensacola with twolittlesists

As good as a weekend can get without your other half … is one spent with these two little lambs.  
I love them, pensacola, whodat and sunny days at the beach.  
meet: whodat coggin
are you in love yet?
the most precious, tender hearted pup/real human.
Ash and most anyone who knows me (in real life) calls me Sadie.  
i love my ashiekins.  she’s the most incredible host and it’s no wonder she’s everyone’s favorite.
the first night away I had just chatted with JB about our new Suisse flat.
I then dumped out my camera bag to take pictures of whodat.
found this little gem. 
ok. hi, i love my husband.
and the best part?  this wasn’t the last one I found there.  
you are so sneaky mr. tucker.
I found one when we were out last night wrapped around our credit card.
I melted.
mid (ridiculous) dance/outfit post
{f21 shorts, h&m dress turned top, topshop purse, michael kors watch}

 it was one of those weekends that are so meant to replenish the soul.  
I love these girls and their family so much.  soooo much.  
just wish k was there! 
PS to twolittlesists – is there eviddaaaaance?

have a great monday tomorrow lovelies.  

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