a peek inside

Yesterday our neighbor came over with a big basket of fresh veggies.
I love her already.
And since many have asked for a few pictures around the house … here you go.
the lime and orange tree!
these tropical flowers from our backyard.
This is an old mirror i spray painted design master’s robins egg blue, then took the mirror out and replaced it with kitchen twine (fastened with a glue gun), and a few of my favorite things are pinned up now.
this was a fail of a project for me.  we purchased this poster from the kunstmuseum in basel, brought it home … but it got a bit worse for the wear.  We applied it with modge podge to MDF. 
 both ideas were from Holly at Nothing But Bonfires (a MUST read).
The pretty pom tassles are from Over the Moon Handmade!
i painted this old suitcase i had from college – that i had previously painted that summer at my aunts house in louisiana.  the globe is from pottery barn.  the keys are from a swiss flea market, as are the three books standing upright.  I had to sneak the books home with me in 2010, JB about had a fit that I was bringing them home!  (:  
 The other books I have on there are: 1000 things to see before you die which was a gift from cami, a girls guide to hunting and fishing which i picked up at goodwill (read the paper back version… not very good) and I married Adventure which Bettina gave me when i left swissyland.  I have a ridiculous number of books but these are my current faves to see everyday.
I love filling my home with beautiful things that remind me of times and special people in my life.  i love mixing old and new things.  But mostly old.  
And you?  Are you more modern or vintage or preppy? or?

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