Pakleni Islands: Croatia

I would download app’s when we’d go traveling in europe.  One seemed to be a bust at first.  It was a travel app for Croatia.  It gave advice like – “hitch hike!  everyone does it in Croatia!” … but it totally redeemed its 99 cent self when we sailed the pakleni islands just off the coast of Hvar.  
It was around 4pm and we were close to being back on Hvar but we decided we’d listen to our guide and see Pansion Tonci.  I am so thankful we did.  It is in the middle of nowhere on an island that is mostly a naturist beach –  only to be reached by boat.  
There is a pansion, a place to tie up your boat, and a restaurant.  
I must have squealed a hundred times.  I found this place perfect to the last inch.  It might have been the white wine from their vineyards, the grandaughters of the owners playing in striped pink suits, the fig trees that surrounded the house, or the collection of sea urchins that were strung together, or the chandelier out of drift wood, shells, and candles…  I could not stop hemming and hawwing over the place.  JB sat there and ate fresh sardines as I marveled.  It had a huge farm table on the porch and it felt much more like being at your grandma’s than being at a restaurant.  I think that’s why I love environments so much, the feelings they convey.  How a certain style transports you to a place of warmth and and one of feeling welcome.  
That little afternoon snack at this almost undiscovered place still means so much to me.  
Hope you enjoyed a little reminiscing!  

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