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Keen Shoes GiveawayI love traveling with my kids.  Not every second, of course … because there can be some craaaazy moments.  I think they absorb quite a bit, whether or not they will remember it.  Just experiencing different sights, sounds, people, foods and having a break from routine can be enriching.  That’s true for me, so I figure it’s true for my kids.  I also love the bonding time.  Nope, not all of it is fun, and some of it stressful.  But I always think – I have two extra hands around, 24/7, so that’s a treat all by itself.  We just came back from Boca Grande (for my sisters wedding!).  So I wanted to show you how I pack for the boys —  I pack for myself similarly too.

packing tips for summer travel with kids

  1.  My in laws bought us these packing cubes for Christmas, and we have loved traveling with them.  It simplifies packing and makes unpacking super easy.  Since this was a short trip (just 3 nights for the boys), they each had their own cube.  I roll everything, so I can see it all, and because it travels better that way.  I put underwear, shorts, and wrap it up with the shirt.  That way if someone else gets the boys ready it’s not confusing, and I know they’ll be dressed cute (: And when you get to your destination.  Just put the cube in a drawer, and that’s that childs drawer.  Makes it so simple!
  2. With toddlers, I tend to overpack.  At least two outfits a day.  My kids will undoubtedly get messy during the day, and I like to put them in something fresh for dinner.  I also pack a couple extra pajamas in case some get wet.  
  3. Comfortable shoes!!  I tend to pack three pairs for the boys.  Sandals for the beach, something to wear with dressier clothing, and tennis shoes.  I love these KEEN shoes, that are perfect for exploring the island.  They can get muddy or sandy, and they just wash right off.  They also have a zip closure, so they don’t fall off.  These will be perfect for trips to camps this summer.
  4. I always pack our sunscreen in a wet bag.  In case we are traveling on a plane, and it explodes, it’s okay in there!  Then you can use the wet bag for wet bathing suits, etc. by the beach/pool.
  5. For a week long vacation I usually bring one pack of diapers, and a pack of swim diapers.  They have diapers everywhere you travel, but if you’re particular about the brand you may want to bring double.  Wes is trying to potty train himself … which is a post for another day, so by our next vacation we may need some only for nights.
  6. I pack their toiletries separate train case (c/o) with just items for the boys.  Tylenol, toothpaste, toothbrushes, a tangle Teezer, their shampoo, etc.
  7. Wipes.  just a lottttt of them.  They come in handy!
  8. Whatever will aid their sleep.  It’s kind of crazy but we bring Wesleys Dockatot everywhere we go.   He doesn’t have a lovey, but this is the closest to it.
  9. Their water bottle.  I love Nalgene.  It’s pretty much the only one I know for a fact won’t leak.
  10. Pack a sweatshirt.  Even on beach vacations, some nights can get chilly, or the room is cold, or traveling on the plane is freezing.  I didn’t once for the boys, and ended up having to shell out some money for a silly one while we were on vacation.
  11. Pack some beach toys (I love packable pails!), and a deflated float.
    Do you have any tips you’d add?  I would love to hear!!

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