Packing for a Seaside Holiday

A couple people have asked for a little packing guide.
If you were looking for a specific list.  i like these: here and here 

For our next big trip we’ll be heading to Croatia in a couple of weeks.  yes i did this real early. just for y’all (:
a little seaside holiday for 9 days.
So naturally, I plan on staying near the seashore, poolside, or on the bow of a boat for as most of that time.
which requires swim suits!
and ok, ok … we’ll be doing some touristy things too.
wandering around the towns … I’ll need clothes for those jaunts. (:
Since I’m only taking my backpack, I’ll need to condense as much as possible.  
Thankfully we will have a washing machine as soon as we get to Dubrovnik for the last four days of our trip.

So here’s my little visual list.

do you wanna know what’s awesome?
i got all of those pieces for under $10 a piece. 
the target and old navy ones were $1.99!!
& of course a strapless bra.  the best one i’ve ever met.
…. and lots of underwear.   

odds & ends. for Paraben free travel (:  
(aside from my make up and toothbrush)
alpha beta glow pads – the best self tanner on the go. 
tom’s sensitive toothpaste.
hair ties – don’t forget!  i have before, and it wasn’t pretty.
vitamins; tumeric, probiotic, magnesium, peppermint(for nausea)  … 
& advil and benedryl for any allergies that may arise.  
emergen-C … I take these before I step foot in an airport and at the first sign of a little cold.
my mom’s organic skincare products in little sizes. 
tom’s travel size deodorant 
pureology travel size shampoo & conditioner … I actually bought this in bulk online … 20 bottles. i’m craaazy.

camera, charger & carry on case.  this time i am only bringing two lenses.  the 50mm & 18-55.
normally i don’t travel with the case, but i’m going to be extra cautious.
the kindle – for reading and also uploading my travel itineraries on PDF’s.
sleep mask.  I don’t travel without one.  they’ve really come in handy for me when i need extra zzzzz’s.
dalmatian coast travel guide.
i-touch.  download the text-now ap and I can keep in touch with fam & friends wherever wireless is present.
extra memory card.  since i won’t have my computer with me to upload, this will be necessary.  
converter plug.
As for what I wear to the airport?
jeans. a cardigan. one of those shoes from above … the high heels if my bag is having trouble closing. (:
If y’all like this …  I’ll post on a chillier trip … when we go to Russia and Berlin in August!   

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