our roadtrip to spartanburg

{boys were in Bella Bliss }

While in St. Augustine we stayed at The Collector – which we loved.  They were so kind to the boys and we loved all of the history and the well appointed antiques throughout.  It’s a gem.  We also went to Rype and Readi to feed the sheep, the carousel, and my absolute FAVORITE – crave.  I’d eat there everyday if I could.  Then it was off to Savannah!

{boys were in nantucket kids c/o }
We didn’t do too much in Savannah, and so we will certainly have to be back.  We stayed at the Kimpton Brice which was so nice, and again so kind to the kids.  They have a happy hour with bites and drinks, and the boys had fun burning off steam in the courtyard with hide and go seek.  We ordered room service which was delicious, and caught up.  The next morning we went to Forsyth park, and enjoyed our coffee while the boys played.  I finally was able to meet Emily McCarthy, and the adorable Heather and the shop is the cutest there ever was.  And then we headed to Spartanburg.  I wish I had taken more pictures but we were really too busy having fun.  I should have more pictures on my camera of the rehearsal dinner we planned.  So I’ll devote a post to that.  But here are the few I have from the wedding which was so fun.  We are soooooo happy to have another sister, and especially one so sweet and caring.  The bride looked gorgeous and for whatever reason those are uploading as sounds instead of pictures.  So I’ll have to wait and see once those photos come out.  But here are a few of the boys.  The boys all wore heirloom from the childrens cottage in mobile.

this dress is the camilyn beth maria dress… and just now I am remembering I totally forgot the sash.  face palm.  It was such a beautiful dress and I felt like a princess in it.  

Happiest monday!  I’m sick with the flu… but I did sleep 13 hours last night.  Which hasn’t happened in ohhhhhh 15 years?!  Praying the boys don’t get it.

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