on a sailboat in december

get ready for a very rando post.
+ my toddler is suuuuuuuch a toddler these days.  tuck has been experiencing a wide range of emotions on outings lately.   he’s also quite taken with sitting on dirty restaurant floors rather than a high chair, or my lap.  the dirty floor is much more appealing apparently.  i do a lot of smiling at well meaning strangers who are obviously concerned about my parenting …
+ the author of the bait of satan spoke at church this week.  all i can say is sensitive or not, i know i don’t have the right to harbor unforgiveness or offense against anyyyyone no matter what.
  and now my nose is in this book!  b/c hiiiii, i’m sarah, and i can get my offended on. 
+ it’s our 4th wedding anniversary on thursday!  I can’t believe we’ve been married for four years.  easily the best years of my life.
+ i joined a gym.  i know! i’m one of those annoying people who join in january and crowd the gym.  in my defense, i joined a gym where the average age is 70. only women.  i love it.  it’s my speed.
+ i’ve been wearing this sweater anytime there’s a chill in the air.  and i get sooo many compliments on it.  of course i word vomit all over myself and tell them that it comes from china, takes two weeks, and is suuuuper cheap.  of course! 
+ tuck hugged a waitress the other day.  i thought those hugs were reserved for me (: but i gotta admit it was the sweetest.
+JB & I took new years day to sit down together and write out what worked/what didn’t in 2013… and what our resolutions are for this year + how to tackle them.  we’ve been making a point of taking sunday nights to revisit them.  i gotta say, it’s been great so far!  loving those sunday chats & accountability. 
+the above pictures were taken in late december!  if you need a break from cold, come visit (: 

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