on passion

seeing my husband work so hard for the last couple of months has made my heart swell.  he is such a natural – so confident in what he does … and he’s also really passionate about serving others in this way.  His positive attitude – well, I completely admire it.   he worked 12 +  hour days last week for six days straight at a conference.  everyday when i would ask him about how it was going,  i’d say, “you must be beat!” … and everyday it was the same response … “nope, honestly this is actually fun“… fun?  I couldn’t fathom.  but then i got to thinking that if i was at a wedding conference, ok then, it would be fun.   it got me thinking about this quote…. DO EVERYTHING WITH PASSION OR NOT AT ALL.  {side note: this does not get me off the hook for cleaning toilets and doing laundry… as much as i’d like that to be true…}

 You know when you’ve met someone who is really passionate about what they do.  They could be selling tractors but ohmygosh it’s thee best tractor in the world, and their excitement is contagious.  They get you excited about a tractor for a second.  and it is flat out inspiring to see anyone do what they love.  to live life passionately in all you do … well, i aspire.

so this post is sort of a post it note to myself if you will (but am hoping somebody, somewhere needs to read this as well) …  it’s just a reminder to go all in.  don’t just dangle my feet off the bow of the boat.  jump.  in.  life is too short to half-ass anything.

and last but not least i figured i’d throw in my fave quote:

ps: the winner is: heather #181.  Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to Blossom Lounge for the great giveaway!

oh and PPS:  my first wedding of 2012 is TOMORROW!  i cannot wait!

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