on the job

It’s nice to have help. (understatement of the century)
especially when children are involved.
My friend Cami came to the garden/wellness kitchen out of the goodness of her heart today.
Here are the pictures of our adventures in the garden and in the kitchen.
Cooking with kids is always fun but a bit of a challenge at times.  
{for our spinach pizza}
{they loved writing our names.  they thought we were sistas}
{chopped up spinach, garlic, parm cheese, and olive oil on an english muffin = their personal pizza)
One big question-
…why. why.WHY. did schools cut funding for home ec? 
If you don’t eat right you sure can’t be the best you can be.  
on a test. at school. on the job.
teaching kids to eat right now can deter so many problems later.
just my 2cents of the day.
Hope you’re having a healthy and happy Wednesday!!

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