on finding my thing

First of all, finding my thing… it wasn’t easy.  Lots of trial and error.  But I can safely say.  It’s here!  I found it!  ha… and I’m 28.  So love all of the questions if you’re still searching … I had fun doing that.  and some not so fun times too.  point is, enjoy it.

also doing my thing better than anyone else?  i’ve always hated the word best.  i say it, but try to shy from it.  I am doing MY thing the best.  because it’s mine. it’s me.  and there’s only one me.  there’s only one you too.  unique as our thumbprint.  so let’s just be us.  

Life has been sort of surreal for me lately as I hinted yesterday.  I’m bubbling up with gratefulness, and wanted to take a moment to pen (errr, type) down just that.  Even in the midst of this busy season.
Right after I posted this in late november, sweet lynzy hired me to be her wedding planner.  Thank you so dearly Lynzy.  You were one of the first outside of fam and friends to really believe in me.  I also feel honored to now consider her a friend.   Nine months have gone by, and in under two months I’ll be heading to Massachusetts for her gorgeous fall wedding.  Someone pinch me.
Since opening up, I have been incredibly grateful to have brides like Lynzy.  Girls that tell me regularly and so sincerely – thank you.  (may we never forget the power of those two words – life giving)!  My intention with this business was never to have a million brides a year, but relationships with each one of them.  It may sound crazy to you, but by the wedding date I want to know them so well we are like friends that are like family.    And lately it’s been like bits of manna from heaven from them… each one just out of the blue telling me thank you … and one of the biggest compliments too “I trust you completely”.  We all know I’m a pile of mush – but the trust thing gets me teary every time.
Do I sound like I’m bragging?  I hope not.  I really just hope to inspire others to do what they feel led and called to do.  I never felt this contentment when I was teaching (maybe no new teachers do) or working in cardiac rehab.  Certainly times I felt like I had made a difference, something I have a great deep need for in a job.  And it might seem silly to you that working with weddings is making a difference, but it is.  Being chosen to be involved in their life at this pivotal time is an honor I am forever grateful for.  
I also just wanted to say thank you to those people who spurred my dream on.  My husband is my biggest and best cheerleader, my family, and of course my crazy talented friends who inspire me daily.  And all of my clients who saw some of that potential.  and each of you.  
Be nice and do good. 

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