confession: I am obsessed with james bond.
Daniel Craig is clearly my fave … he looks like JB I tell ya.
So do you remember Casino Royale’s Montenegro gambling scenes?
I obviously did.  So off we went to Montenegro.
Then we discovered, once there, that much of the scenes that said “montenegro” were actually filmed elsewhere.  But these mountains below apparently made the movie.  famous mountains!
When you pass into the border you get a much different feel, not the prettified croatia we had been used to. 
And even though it rained most of our visit, Montenegro still has a gorgeous landscape.
and good wine & cheese (:  
JB bought a 1 billion dollar yugoslavian dollars … for a Euro.
The antique market in Budva was one of my favorite stops!  
{that little bug i’m wearing… oh he deserves an upclose shot and a story!  coming soon (: }
With love from Russia (:  


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