oh my perfect day.

oh my heart.  it is full.
i was riding the bike today, and smiling like a fool.  the kind where you aren’t even aware you’re smiling.  
then a truck filled with men passed by and I realized I was smiling at them too.  
it was the prettiest of days.  spent in my favorite park in the world with my favorite human in the world.  
i love days like these.  i want to hold onto them forever.
to wrap them up tight, and keep them stored away for always.
but what’s even better is knowing that what is ahead {whatever that may be} will be even more amazing
then I think my heart may explode of happiness.  jump right out of my chest.
switch modes from mush and gush to funnies.
The picture on the left is how I found JB.  I kept calling after him… he was trying to blend in with the tree?  
i think we may need to work on our hiding skills.  

the one on the right… oh this one, this is played on me bi-weekly. 
the scene: man with rat tail sunbathing alone in speedo.  JB says “PSSSSST” … JB ducks into bushes, 
 the speedo man looks at who else?  ME.
I laugh awkwardly.   run and hide.  

oh JB, your time is coming, I will get you one of these days!  
and please don’t ever stop being silly.  i’d miss it too much.  
but really, no more psssst-ing.


oh and here’s some music by the band The Civil Wars.  I can’t stop listening.

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