A Nova Scotia Wedding

He’s back!  Hallelujah!  I’m not good at sleeping alone – each night I’d wake up in the middle thinking someone was in my home about to attack me.  In the safest country in the world.  Lord help me.  Anyway, JB was on strict instructions to document – he’s so cute – he came back with lots of pictures of the beautiful wedding.  Oh and lotttts of magazines in english for me.  Someone knows my love language – magazines i can read and wedding photos.  i’m in heaven.
Here’s some of the pictures from the beautiful wedding in Halifax, Nova Scotia!
Started out the Bachelor Party on the Sea
spent the night at a brewery drinking canadian beer
bride and groom at the rehearsal
aren’t they cute?
right before he said i do.
making it official
beautiful bridesmaids
having fun in the limo
gorgeous bouquet
so precious!  
the bride used a gift i got her on her day – from when they got engaged.  
a bag from wedding chicks saying “The Future Mrs. Keadle”
photograph by mike tompkins
Would you be so kind to give some encouraging marriage advice?  

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