notes from the weekend

A little thankful list.  Life has been good to me lately.  And here’s what’s been going on.

1.  Lynzy is now a MRS.  I’m also guest posting on her blog today. 
It was beautiful.
Thankful for her, her husband, and their sweet families.
 2.  New England in the Fall.  You did not disappoint.  
 3.  Falling leaves.  I love you.  
3.  AV – I am beyond grateful to her.  so many neverending smooches I wanna give that girl.  
and, my o my, how cute is she with her Instax? the gorgeous white rolls in the back is a nice addition too (;
4.  Speaking of Instax.  This is me on Saturday, at the beginning of my third trimester. I made it!!
 5.  The color of this dahlia.  The perfect blush.  Thank you, God.
6.  Coming home to this map being put up in the nursery.  {sorry for the other clutter // rug purchased here}
My husband makes my life one trillion times better.
My flight was delayed a few hours (darn tampa lightning!) on Thursday evening.
Which ended up being a blessing, I got to settle in and read this book.
It is nothing short of amazing.  I’ll probably do a whole post on it soon, but wanted y’all to get a jump start on it.  read it. do it.

8. And I’m headed to MTH next week wednesday in Atlanta.  Any other attendees out there?  I cannot wait!!

Hope you all had great weekends. 

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