Notes from the kitchen . . .

At dinner I like to load up on my phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, and omega 3’s.

brussels sprouts.  one of my faves, but they get a bad rap.
  these little guys can be quite tasty if cooked correctly.

recipe here 
green beans: boil for 2 minutes, pour in ice cold water, saute with garlic & EVOO 
husband caught trout- with EVOO & seasoning.  perf.
artichoke – boil in water for 30-40 minutes
dip in butter.
i got this for JB from Sur La Table last weekend
we love how this fish keeps our hands from burning up!
squash from the garden!
our squash from the garden is the above one.
the “organic” squash from grocery store is on the bottom.
in this case, bigger is better, and sweeter too!

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