Gift guide for new moms and their brand new babies

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gifts for new moms and their new babiesToday is a reader requested gift guide – Gifts for new moms and their brand new babes!

  1.  Mom’s one line a day:  easy to keep up with.  And you’ll be so glad you did!!
  2. out of the spin cycle:  the devotional I’ve read a few times now, and am currently re-reading.  quick reading and it’s such a great book.  Just get passed the title and the book art work (:  there’s a lot of good truth in there.
  3. hydr8 bottle:  also get passed that this isn’t as cute as a swell bottle.  it will keep you hydrated!  And motivated to keep drinking by the required time on the side.  I still use mine at home, and use my swell bottle when I go out… mostly because this thing won’t fit into my cup holder.
  4. spanx leggings.  these are velvet, so they would be perfect for the holidays.  I can’t say enough good things about these ones, I lived in mine anytime I had to get out of the house after having kids.
  5. Starbucks gift card:  so she can go guilt free.
  6. Letter necklace:  Their initial or the initial of the baby.
  7. new balance for j.crew:  I’ve had these for three years.  no they don’t stay spotless, and call me crazy but I kinda like them with some wear on them.
  8. Le Papier Studio silhouettes:  I happen to be giving a set of these away on my Instagram for the next 48 hours.   These were c/o, but my bff gave me the locket of the boys two years ago, and I still wear that or the gold ones daily.
  9. renewal eye masks, mask trio from beauty counter, or sample oils:    You can’t do too much for yourself in those early days.  I was lucky to have my hair washed.  But I think a mask is something that can be easily done so you can feel pampered, and feel a little more like yourself.
  10. Lake Pajamas:  Their new line of pima cotton robes and pajamas with rebecca atwood would certainly be a treat for any mom!
  11. Fawn design backpack:  This is an amazing diaper backpack.  The design is really functional.
  12. personalized rattle: something they can shake, and also special to commemorate babies first Christmas
  13. personalized first christmas ornament:
  14. personalized keepsake box
  15. The oli&carol chew and bath toys (they sent me a few c/o) are so great!  No holes, way less bacteria and mold buildup.
  16. Bite lip mask:  I’ve been wearing the champagne over my lipstick, and before bed.
  17. TBBC christmas jammies:  get their little booty monogrammed for extra cuteness this Christmas.
  18. File Cabinets:   When we were leaving for Irma I instastoried these.  I use them by year, and only put my favorite projects and keepsakes in these.  I keep all the other stuff too, but these hold all the really sentimental things.  So in a hurry to get out of Irma’s way, these were what I took.  I have one for each boy.

Hopefully that was helpful!  if there’s a gift guide that’s not at the top (under the shop tab) that you’d like to see, I’d love to create one for you!

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