Nevis // Day One

wes and a couple of four year olds

wesley and anthony (:   We are here in Nevis all week- the british west indies.  We are falling in love with everything about it.  For being a pretty tiny island there is so much to do.  These are pictures from our first full day on Sunday.  We took the Funky Monkey tour – They put carseats in their Polaris and we took off to explore the island with our guide, Waz.  JB loved driving it and the boys loved riding in it.  Since it was Sunday it was quite quiet and we were nearly the only people on the road.  We toured the whole island, and only saw a handful of other cars in the span of four hours.  We went to Lovers Beach, Nisbet Plantation, Hamilton’s Estate, and tons of old Sugar Mill ruins.  I loved all of the goats, donkeys, and little pigs we spotted.  It’s much cooler here than at home right now, which isn’t hard considering it’s a furnace there right now!  Afterwards we went to Sunshine’s for lunch.  I need to go back for one of their Killer Bee drinks!  After naps, we took a golf cart tour of the Four Seasons.  We saw so many of the verber monkeys!  The boys were obsessed.  Then it was room service and lights out.  It was an incredible first day!!

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