Nawlins: part one

Ahh, new orleans.  Why can’t you be mine?
It is the city I move to in my dreams.
What is not to love?  The food is the very best. {Fun fact. the only times I’ve ever been able to gain weight was the two summers I spent in college in new orleans}.  The architecture is incredible.  
The people are so fun.  Culture is everywhere.  I feel like I’m in Europe.  
That’s my criteria for a good city apparently – 
food.culture.european like. fun people. pretty.
I find myself sighing in the way you only sigh when you’re in love, whenever I am there.  
There’s an immense amount of beauty on every single street.
It leaves me breathless.
I’ll be back tomorrow with many more pictures.  but wanted to give you a little preview.  

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