My weekend in Instagrams

last weekend we threw a shower.  and by we, i mean my MIL did all of the work.  
I just got to play with flowers.  which is quite possibly the best job ever.
read more about that here.  
you can read a bit more about that here.
I shoot film now.  thanks to JL.
find this beauty here
my nightly routine these days.
the weather has been so beautiful before sunset.  i like to dangle my feet off the dock.
Jessica Lorren & Lola.  <3
JB took us all on a sunset cruise Sunday night.  beautiful.
Diana Lupu is the definition of lamb.
and also the cutest 7 and a half month pregnant woman ever.  
This past weekend was non-stop but so fun.
I love house guests.  especially when it’s jess and diana.  
come back soooon.

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