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People have been asking about my beauty regimen for a while on formspring.  And I’m always like, suuuuuure thing, I’ll get you that post!  But I never do.   Mostly because I’m flabbergasted that someone wants to know what shampoo I buy or make up I wear.  I think, I must do a pretty good job of spinning, because I look kinda plain most of the time.  These questions always seem to come along when I’m in yoga pants, make-up free,  and a pony tail too.   Anyway,  I’m no Lauren Conrad!  But a few of y’all wanted to  know… and I give the people what they want … in time.   

This is a picture of me from last Saturday.  I was thinking, I did my hair AND my make up.  Must document.  

make up:
naked 2 eye make up // bare minerals foundation, well rested (undereye) // blush // mascara // eyeliner
I use my mother’s all organic products.  Which have gone through a
big rebrand and should relaunch in November.  You can email her at for info/pricing.  I use them with my pink clarisonic mia.    I also use the sulfur ddf mask once a week.

There is just no substitute for hot rollers.  I’ve had these since college, and it’s pretty much how I did my hair every single day back then.  It gives it just enough bounce.  I stopped for a while when I got my hot tool, but for a good everyday look I still prefer the hot rollers.  Call me old fashioned.  I do own a straightener, but figure it is not worth mentioning since I maybe use it once a year.  I also blow dry my hair with a no name blow dryer who has been quite faithful throughout the years, that golly I should give him a name.  It should be said that I don’t do my hair 7 days a week, we’re looking at around 3.  On the other days I generally let my hair air dry and comb it, put it in a braid or up once dry.  I shower daily because I don’t have the luxury of hair that is cute 24 hours after I do it.  But if I do find myself in a pinch I use Psst dry shampoo and recurl with the hot tools. 

Hot Rollers // 1inch hot tool barrel // Cheaper side:  Shampoo/conditioner // Expensive Side: Shampoo/Conditioner // psst dry shampoo. 

If you have questions, I’ll answer them in the comments, or you can use formspring too, and use that if you’d like to request a certain post.   Happy Friday! 

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