my kind of popcorn

if you are what you eat, then i am a tomato from italy.  
this is my popcorn. 
Yesterday I combined a few of my favorite things, and served it on fresh bread for an appetizer.

in this order, place in bowl:

tomatoes {chop them up}
mozzarella {chopped up}
a few cloves of garlic, chopped, made into garlic confit. {saute with evoo for ten minutes}
good olive oil and balamic vingear – mix together.

fresh bread topped with tomato & mozz concoction.
ps: sorry no measurements … i just use the mostly trusty eye.  

none too pretty.  but sure is delish.  
i usually add fresh basil from my basil plant.
but haven’t picked her out just yet.  soon one will come home with me.  

Happy Thursday!
the italian tomato lover

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