must be livin right

We don’t get to move into our apartment until April 15th.  Fine by us!  We are staying at this great little apartment that is right on the Rhine. (pardon the suitcases and the profane bush sticker).  

Today we went to go check out our apartment and silly me– no camera in tow.  We arrived at a gorgeous big wooden door but then we opened it we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into.  worn out-chic we can call it.  After a few flights of stairs we arrived to this beautiful front door that has this pretty glass on it.  You open up that door and there you find a little foyer and this green door (more on that in a minute) that opens to THE CUTEST KITCHEN MINE EYES HAVE EVER SEEN.  A vintage looking fridge, pretty green tile, and an old as the hills GAS stove with a furnace.  I mean, forget worn out… i now only thought of Anthropologie.  Oh and the storage space … wayyy more than i though possible in Europe.  We have a big balcony with a hammock and a little place for growing herbs, flowers, etc… Well right over that balcony is a garden!  a garden people.  for me, if i so choose they said.  i so choose.  The balcony is also attached to our bedroom which has wood floors!  Oh, and the best part WE HAVE A GUEST BEDROOM.  So visitors do not fear– you will have a place of your own to rest your head and your breath that will be taken away when you see our kitchen.  Another perk- the bathroom has a free standing tub!  In the words of Peggy Robinson “I must be living right”!!  Oh but back to the green problem it’s paired with yellow and white walls.  JB said he would paint them… what are your thoughts on green and yellow?  and if i take away the yellow what’s a good color that i should pair with green?  In other tucker news,  JB is being interviewed for a thirty minute segment TV segment right now.  so cute.  

Hope your day has been as sunny as mine.  

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