mushy mushy love post

because i’m a little weepy over father’s day.
a love note. to my fave.
dear jb,
i am amazed by His love.  
for sending you to little ol’ me.
for drawing me to you, and you being drawn to me.
at the right time.
words do not describe how good of a husband you are.
you’ll make the best father.
i get all teary-eyed thinking of you as a daddo.
(even though we’re a ways off from that.)
i just smile because i know how much they will know they are 
no matter what.
my own dad has told me that the “no matter what” kind of love is always the best.
thanks for giving that to me.
loving you always,
PS: thanks for being quite the adventurer.
{all taken before we were married}
yes. i’m really a bruuuunette. secrets out. (:

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